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CribMaster's windows based software is the most feature packed tool crib software available on the market today. CribMaster electronically automates the tasks involved with managing tooling in a manufacturing workplace. Managing the issue and return of tools from the tool crib, linking directly to point-of-use distribution, managing calibration schedules, tracking usage by cost centers, automatically generating and sending orders to suppliers, linking multiple facilities, identifying items by a common item number,  tracking kits and assemblies, tracking tools through the re-work process, gaining the ability to utilize FIFO accounting, tracking lot numbers, tracking expiration dates, linking tool documents, custom field creation, linking with other applications... these are a few of the things possible with CribMaster. Gain control of your tool crib today!

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Key Benefits

Reduce Tool Costs with Tool Crib Software
Where are our tools? How often do you order tools that you currently have in your facility but simply can't locate? By tracking every tool crib transaction with CribMaster software, you easily gain the ability to immediately locate a tool. Track your expendable tooling usage by employee and up to 6 cost centers and easily identify usage problems. Historically CribMaster users see a reduction in usage cost of an average of about 30% within a year of implementation. What does that mean to your bottom line? Get CribMaster software  into your tool crib today!

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